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Tasting Glasses REVEAL Espresso, Intense

2 ლუნგოს მეტალის ჭიქა

მარაგი: გაყიდულია

180,00 GEL

პროდუქტის აღწერა

Set of 2 Espresso tasting glasses (Ø 5.7cm / height 12cm) in crystal-glass, concentrating the powerful roasting notes of the Intense  Espresso Grands Crus (Intensity 7 and above).

Building on a similar approach to oenology, Nespresso has called on Riedel’s Glass Masters to develop exclusive tasting glasses, enhancing the wide variety and incredible aromas of our Mild & Intense Espresso Grands Crus, hence elevating the tasting experience to a new level.